ARCE calls it “negligence” for drivers to inspect containers

5 June, 2019

On May 22nd, in Algeciras, a meeting was held called by ARCE in which maritime lines, transporters and clients took part with the aim of analysing the problem of empty containers in the main ports of Spain.

As detailed in a statement the ARCE, “the problem of voids is caused by a problem of equipment shortage to meet the increasingly varied demands of the customer”.

The ARCE denounces that in some ports the measure has been taken to use the transporters as inspectors in some terminals when they go to pick up the equipment, transferring the responsibility exercised by the depots to personnel who do not have the necessary qualification.

Faced with this situation, the Spanish Depot Association considers that putting this responsibility in the hands of drivers is negligence on the part of the shipping lines and terminals, regardless of the technical and logistical problems it is causing.

As the ARCE emphasizes, “it is logical that the carrier always prefers to deliver empty in the terminal and then picks up a load, this being one of the main causes that has led us to this situation”.

He also commented that “the arguments given by the shipping companies about this situation are an example of their aggressive cost reduction policy, regardless of the fact that the depots are not responsible for the systematic reduction of transport freight, and that they are not helping to solve the problems of the supply chain”.

These tanks must be controlled by a specialized team for repair, inspection, cleaning and disinfection according to the international standards IICL. It is the shipper’s responsibility to ensure that everything is carried out correctly.

ARCE offers its help as an association to resolve this conflict and emphasizes that depots are part of the supply chain, and categorically rejects that this is the problem.






Fuente: Diario del Puerto