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It is well known that the goods are shipped under special laws established for that purpose.  According to the mode of transport, goods shipments are regulated by different conventions CMR – LOTT – RULES CIM – Hague Rules – HAMBURG, etc. and although these laws establish the liability of carriers, it is also true that the refund limits per Kg of cargo, often do not cover the actual value of some types of goods (causing a loss of money to the shipper) furthermore in certain situations specific to maritime traffic (eg contribution in case of a “general average”) the shippers are in charge of  the whole loss of the vessel and they are charged proportionally.

Therefore, it is useful for the shippers/consignees  to ensure their goods for the 100% or even the 110 % of their value  (in this case, including the value of the cost and freight) under ICC conditions clause (A) which means an all risk insurance.

IBEROFORWARDERS S.L. has hired an insurance policy for goods transport under these and even better conditions to give you the security that the real value of your goods is covered in full, that we put at our customer’s disposal under written request at the best possible cost. However, to avoid anomalies that may alter the risk coverage of the goods, it is essential to follow the guidelines detailed herebelow. They are a must to resolve claims against Insurance companies.


Visible damage: A written claim must be marked immediately upon receipt of the goods on the shipping documents, eg (waybill, CMR, etc.).

Non visible damage: See attached document for GENERAL COVERAGE:

General Coverage .pdf