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IBEROFORWARDERS SL, IATA agent, cooperates very closely with all major airlines, enjoying and sharing their infrastucture, thus we can offer you our air service with faster transit times through most recognized airlines.

We are a Regulated Agent and Known Consignor (RAKC) ES/RA/00059-01/0313. We provide full management for each type of airshipment, tailoring our services to customer demand. We comply with RAKC main features:

Door to Door Service.
In the first available flight.
Oversized goods (BIG) or heavy (HEA).
Consolidated Cargo Export / Import through our extensive network of correspondents in the 5 continents.
Sea-Air Combined Service.
Qualified and IATA certified personnel for Hazardous Goods Management.
We manage and control all necessary documentation for shipments of goods, monitoring the state of the same at all times.
Cross Trade and Third Party shipments.
COURIER Service.